KMS All In Pack – With Shorts


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1 x Unisex Uniform Training Top

Krav Maga Scotland Standard Student Uniform made of fast drying / stay cool material

1 x Unisex - Uniform Training Trousers


1 x KMS Training Shorts


1 x Shin Guards


1 x Boxing Gloves


1 x Forearm Pads

Segmented padding all around the arm. Velcro fasteners for comfort and a secure fit.

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1 x Real Leather Grappling Mitts

Real leather Grappling Mitts, suitable for, sparring and bag work. Wide Velcro wrist strap for secure fastening.

1 x KMS Headguard

KMS Leather Headguard with metal bar or toughened plastic full face protection design which allows ample visibility and comfort for the user.

1 x KMS Tactical Kit Bag

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1 x Krav Maga Hoodie

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KMS All in shorts pack:

  • 1x Training Top
  • 1x Training Trousers
  • 1x KMS Shorts
  • 1x Pair KMS Boxing Gloves
  • 1x Pair KMS Shin Guards
  • 1x Forearm Protectors
  • 1x Grappling Mitts
  • 1x KMS Headguard
  • 1x KMS Hoodie
  • 1x KMS Tactical Kit Bag

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