KMS was one of the first Krav Maga clubs in Scotland and from humble beginnings nearly eight years ago, we are proud to say it has branched to cover most of the country. Through the various students who have learned their skills under its banner, they have gone on to become instructors in their own right.


The KMS Head Instructor, Fraser Anderson, is Scotland’s most experienced instructor. The first Scottish instructor to reach the much coveted rank of Expert (black belt)!!!


It is not our mission to turn you into a warrior, rather one who can appreciate the power of a self defense system. To use whatever part of Krav Maga you need to in order to get you home safely. We teach you as much about personal protection, awareness, prevention and de-escalation as we do about defending armed and unarmed attacks from one or more assailants.


Many of the students and instructors associated with KMS have direct experience in confrontational situations, and come from backgrounds such as military, law enforcement, medical and security - their knowledge and experience is readily shared and your learning process will be that much quicker than the passing on of statistics from a book.


If you want to get fitter and learn this stand alone self defence system, please join us. Your first class is free. You will be made to feel welcome and begin to learn things immediately.


Contact us at: 07973 863616 or